Our planet. Our responsibility.

As part of our company's vision, the Colonel Butler Inn is committed to being a green hotel. A green, or eco-friendly, hotel is one that considers environmental aspects in all areas of operations including building management, guest services, and dining.

We have taken a number of environmental conscious steps to become more sustainable and lessen our carbon footprint. We will be implementing even more initiatives in our ongoing efforts in being an eco-friendly hotel. Currently, we have a 3-key environmental rating by Green Key.

And if you know of any other environmental initiatives that we could implement, please don't hesitate to email us to let us know!

Hotel's Environmental Initiatives:

  • Linen re-use program
  • Recycling bins in guest rooms and the hotel's offices; paper products, cardboard, glass, plastic, and tin can all be recycled
  • A compost bin is located in the hotel's kitchen
  • Hotel has a publicly-accessed jug-less water cooler that provides complimentary cold purified water for guests and in-room glass pitchers - this reduces the need for guests to purchase bottled water decreasing the amount of plastic that ends up in land fill sites
  • Breakfast room uses real dishes and cutlery instead of plastic
  • A timer is used on some of the interior public lights shutting them off when they are not needed
  • Housekeepers use an eco friendly line of cleaning chemicals
  • Bath/shower dispensers have replaced the small plastic bottles of shampoo/conditioner, drastically cutting down on the use of plastic bath products
  • Hotel participates and promotes in environmental related events such as Earth Hour
  • Certain items after a period of use are donated to local charitable organizations such as Gillian's Place in St. Catharines, Ontario instead of these items being thrown out
  • Hotel offers a 100% indoor non-smoking environment
  • Electric car charging stations

Green Key Eco-Rating Program